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Navigate the medical system with confidence

Frustrated and want to improve your healthcare experience?  

Do you need a medical ally?

Call me today at 978-412-6532!

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Donna Seibert, M.D.

Patient Advocate

Medical Appointments

Accompany and assist

As a health advocate in the Boston and North Shore area, I attend your doctor appointments to convey your questions and concerns to the physician and help you understand and remember your medical options.  I am your medical liaison, your confidant and support. Get the most out of every medical appointment by knowing what questions to ask. If desired, a summary of the appointment can be shared with your family.

Holding Hands

Research and explore options

Finding the resources you need

Don't be overwhelmed by medical information. We take the time to research your recent diagnosis, potential treatment options, and cutting-edge clinical trials for which you may be eligible. Available community resources are also explored.

Yoga Class for all Ages

Care Management

For ongoing support

Fewer phone calls means less stress and more time for you and your family. We help make appointments, obtain reports and facilitate information sharing with other physicians and caregivers to save you time and money.

On the Phone

Chart Review

Clarify and simplify

Complex diagnoses can leave you feeling uncertain. We are able to review medical records, synthesize complex medical problems and develop a list of pertinent medical issues. We then explain it all to the client and family in an understandable way.

Leather Bound Books

"She has the experience and foresight to proactively and pre-emptively advocate for the patient...she provided ideas my family was able to implement and questions my family was able to ask."

- Betty K.



Monday through Friday:


Weekends: only for established clients' emergencies

Call Me Today to Learn More

Thank you for visiting the Alongside Medical Ally site. I support you by acting as your liaison with other healthcare providers, answering your questions, explaining your treatment options and finding the information you need to make the best decisions for your care. I do not diagnose or treat. I work for you with your care goals in mind.  Let me take the confusion and stress out of your medical experience today.



Donna Seibert, MD

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